Press Conference organised by Hindustan Zinc in relation to the World Music Fest.


A press conference on the Udaipur World Music Festival was organized today at Hindustan Zinc office, who is also the largest sponsor of the world music festival.


 The World Music Festival is happening for the first time in India. It has brought together internationally renowned musicians and artists of more than 17 countries, including India in Udaipur.

The 2-day World Music Festival would begin at Udaipur tomorrow, 13th February 2016.

Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Zinc, Sunil Duggal spoke about the need of such festivals towards promoting Indian culture and heritage as well promotion of international music in India. Udaipur is proud to host such festivals which would also give international recognition to the music of Rajasthan across music lovers around the world.

This would also be successful towards inviting tourism from across the world and eventually India would become a place for music lovers. Such festivals would also play important role towards promoting smart city culture in India, Duggal said.


The world music festival will see Symphony of Breath by Japan and India, Music of Saints of India, Strong Meditation by Tunisia, Instrumental Quintet by Serbia, Netherlands, India & Iran, Flamenco Music and Dance by Spain, African Beat Music by Ivory Coast, Rock Fusion Band by India, Omnem Terram by France & India, Fusion of Sufi & Gospel Music by India, Morroccan Saharian Soul by Morocco, and Afro Beat Venezuelan Cumbia by Venezuela, UK and Ghana.








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