Police joined hands with citizens for efficient Community Policing, Police Mitra Scheme launched at Udaipur.

Police and citizens joined hands to tackle  the local matters in a meeting held on Thursday at Police Conference Hall, this was following an instruction of the Police Headquarter who launched ‘Police Mitra’ (cotizen vouleenters) Scheme across Udaipur in an attempt to extend great vision of community policing.

On this occasion all 55 Police Mitras from East and West CO circles has attended the meeting.

During the  meeting the vouleenters were explained about the efficiencies required in individual to become a police mitra.
The cops tried to make them about the concept of Community Policing and regarding crime and criminal activities and to make the city a safer palce to live.

SP Kailash Chandra Bishnoi  said that under the scheme any Indian Citizen can become a Police Mitra but he should not be a member of political party, should not have any criminal case registered against him and he must be above 18 years of age.

The vouleenters were made aware about the responsiblities of a Police Mitra and were provide directions to deal with the matters of the society and make community policing effective, SP added.

The vouleenters appreciated the government’s scheme by taking it as an important tool for bridging the gaps between people and police. 



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