People at Bedla blames Surpanch for being biased during sanitization of houses.

The people at Bedla Gram Panchayat of Udaipur staged a protest against their Surpanch blaming her to be baised during the sanitization drive  eing conducted in the area on Sunday afternoon.

The people blamed the Surpanch Nirmala Prajapat for senitizing the houses only of those that are known to her or that who has casted their votes in her favour.

Kamlesh Pratapat of Bedla told DU” In our Bedla village a sensitization has been conducted in view of safety from Covid-19, and Up Sarpunch, officials of various concern departments were also present there but she has been basied during the drive as only few houses were senitized while other remained unsensitized, Covid-19 is a big trouble for everyone, being on such an important position she should not be partial and should cover all the houses during the drive aa the virus can harm anyone any time, moreover when we asked her about the initiative her husband  who was there with him said that it has been sponaered by him and her wife and not by the punchayat”.

On the contrary when Niramala was questioned about the entire episode she denied from all blames by saying”There was no protest in the area regarding senitization,  it seems that few people wants to frame us and are spreading false information, i decided to conduct the sensitization drive aa the people of the area are demanding for it since last few days, every house has been covered during the drive”.

This is to be noted that where at one side people are coming forth to help others in such panic situation on the other hand few people are still busy in such type of political issues.



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