PC jewelers opened it’s 60th store in state and 1st in Udaipur.

PC Jewelers one of the leading jewelry band of the country after various states has opened its store at Udaipur on Sunday.

The store that is spread in an area of around 2000 Sqfts. offers a large verity of Gold, Silver and Diamond jewelry and is located at Residency School road of the city.

The city’s first store of the brand was inaugurated by the one of the leading Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Besides that to attract more people at the store PC. Jewelers also announced special discount and many offers on the purchase of its gold and silver articles. The Schemes and offers will be available exclusively at Udaipur store till March 27th.

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While addressing the crowd the Executive Director of the company said” after opening its store at almost every state of the country and after spreading the fragrance of its name all over the country its has added another chapter to its success story by opening its new store at Udaipur”.
Sharma further added that it is company’s 8th store in Rajasthan and Udaipur first store that will serve the people in its best ways.
The brand is appreciated and loved every ever which motivated it to expand and flourish and that series the new store has been opened in the city of lakes to built a relationship with the people residing here., Sharma added.
Udaipur people always honors craftsmanship which inspire one to experiment with new and innovative designs and patterns, the company is always known for its unique designs and special customer oriented schemes and offers. Though the schemes and designs are unique but the thing which make it more attractive is its bumper prize that give a chance to an individual to win a Honda City car, among the others which includes, a diamond jewelry and 38 silver coins.
Including the cities like Ahmadabad, Dehli, Ludhiyana, Rohtak, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Haridwar, Jaipur, Ajmer ,Jodhpur and Gudgeon the company is having more than 60 stores in around 50 cities.
While addressing the inaugural event Shilpla Shetty said that she might have a relationship with Rajasthan, she always remained fascinated with  the rich culture and customs of the state and the special textile of the region “Lehriya” always attracted her.



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