Passport Center, Coming Soon.

It seems that 2016 will be a lucky year for the people of Udaipur as after get listed amongst the Smart Cities now the city will soon get its own Passport Center.

The office will get started till the end of February. In the next 4 days the passport officer will visit Udaipur and will give directions for the furniture and other basic requirements of the office.

There is an atmosphere Happiness amongst the people after the Foreign Minister has given a green signal to PFK. Now everyone is waiting for the day the Passport Center will be started.

Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari Told Media that everything is depended on officials of the Foreign Ministry but once it will started then completed quickly, besides that the furniture for the center will be installed within the next 4 days at the Community Hall of the Patho Ki Magri area of Subhash Nagar.

This is to be considered that the previous Passport Center of Udaipur was closed in March 2012, since then a number of Social groups, associations and Student Unions has presented Memorandums to Administrative officers as well as written huge number of postcards for the demand to bring the center back.

Along with that the public representatives has also played a vital role in forwarding the demand of the people , weather it was the Raghuveer Singh of Congress or it was Arjun Lal Meena of BJP both of them has put their best effort to raising the issue in front of their senior Politicians.






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