Ozone Day 2020

Ozone level in atmosphere below the trosphere is increased by 19 percentage in the month of lockdowns during the COVID19 .Reason is the low pollution in atmosphere and sun light was more due to clean climate and sky.

This allowed increased photosynthesis of ozone and scientific data study over globe showed this fact. Similar study at Udaipur and kapasan revealed about 14 and 17 percent respectively under MAPAN project of Ministry of Earth Science New Delhi.

This is important to learn how much level we have destroyed our own Earth atmosphere by our anthropogenic activities. Also at 32 km up in atmosphere we have ozone layer Which stops U V rays and we become safe for Skin cancer etc.

The depletion of this ozone layer is reduced to 0.12 percentage which is good sign for our survival on the Earth according to recent studies and reason is again less pollution during lockdown in pandemic COVID19 and less aerosols generation in environmental.

These are few significant out comes of COVID and we shoild take a better lesson not do pollution in air.

Article by Prof. S.N.A Jaffery



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