One nabbed with cash during road barricading at Gogunda.

Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections a padastrian has been detained by police on Sunday after he was caught with an amount of Rs.6.7 lakhs near Badgonda area of Gogunda village of Udaipur.

The accused was detained by the police during a road barricading conducted near Barconda village of Gogunda village.

The accused was identified as Gewaram Kalwi (32) of Jhalor.

The accused was spotted by the police team with a bag, he was stopped for checking,during his checking an amount of Rs.6.7 lakhs were found wrapped with a white t-shirt,when asked about the possesion of the money he cannot produced any supporting documents in relation of the amount following which  the amount was seized under section 102 of  Crpc,said police. 

The amount was seized and the accused still under interrogation.



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