One died, 2 other injured after falling in a Saftic Tank of house.


A 20 year old labor died whereas 2 others got injured On Saturday morning while working at the septic tank of Mangi Lal Choudhary’s house situated at Amberi area.


The mishap occurred on Saturday morning when a trio of labours Santosh(20), Ramesh (40) and Sukh Lal (30) of Ajad Nagar slum colony were working on the septic tank at the house of one Mangi Lal Choudhary, as soon as they removed the cover of the tank they got unconscious due to the immersion of a toxic gas from the tank and the trio had fell down in the tank,out the 3   Santosh died on the whereas Sukhlal and Ramesh got severely injured, said Sukher Police.

Later the victims were rescued from the tank by the cops and rushed to the M.B hospital, the dead body of the deceased was shifted to mortuary and was handed over to his family members after its post-mortem.



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