Nurse that turns negative again found positive for Covid-19.

The nurse of M.B Hospital who was  among the 4 positive cases of Covid -19 that were found previously at Udaipur and got cured again turned positive on Sunday.

She was found positive after she was examined as she completed her quarantine period at the  hospital.

Cheif Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Dr. Dinesh Kharadi told DU” Yes the nurse and her husband both are still kept at the isolation ward, their samples were taken again after their qurantine period has been completed, but there is nothing to get panic aa it is a protocol and as the couple is still kept at hospital and will be taken care off, it is not the only case in the state there are many other cases that turned positive after they were declared negative”.

Hospital Superintendent Dr.Lakhan Poswal said that this was the only reason that non of the positive  paitent has been yet discharged from the hospital even though they turned negative as in some cases it has been seen that those once turned negative again found positive even after 28 days of quarantine period.

The lady among the 4 positive cases of Covid-19 virus of Udaipur is a nurse and working at Swine Flu ward of M.B hospital.
The first positive case of Covid-19 came to light on 2nd April when the 14 year nephew of this nurse who came from Indore was found positive, later the nurse along with her husband and neis also found positive and following which curfew was imposed in the area and the nearby areas.

These four paitents of Udaipur including a 14 year old student his sister and his uncle and aunt turned negative on 13th April after they completed their 14 days of  quarantine period at M.B hospital.

Following this all the paitents that turned negative at Udaipur will be kept in hospital for next 14 days, Poswal added.

Dr.R.L Suman informed that the 2 positive cases that came from Kushalgarh of Banswara also turned negative with this 6 paitents of Kushagarh has been cured so far, and remaining 54 other paitents including a 2 year old girl of Kushalgarh is still under treatment. 

Besides that 806 samples were taken so far in Udaipur district.



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