Number of positive paitents reaches to 257 in Udaipur.

Udaipur has reported 25 new cases of Coronavirus disease in last 12  with this the number of infected people in the city has become 249.

The number of infected people which was only 4 in the begning of May has now become 249 till 6:40 pm.

This sudden spike in the number Covid-19 cases has turned Udaipur into a hotspot in the state.

According to the Chief Medical and Health Officer(CMHO) Udaipur, Dr.Dinesh Kharadi most of the confirmed cases of the coronavirus has been reported from Kanji ka Hata area of the city.The area has been sealed  and as many as 74 relatives and neighbors of the positive paitents has been shifted to the hostel of a university for qurantine for a specific period of time.

The officials said that a home gaurd constable was tested positive in the area after which sample of his close contacts, relatives and neighbors were taken in which more than 120 were tested positive while many of them were found negative for the infection. 

CMHO Kharadi informed that the samples of more than 4500 people were taken out of which 249 were tested positive.
On Wednesday the first lot of samples were tested out of which 143 were found negative while 12 of them were tested positive,of these 13 positive cases 6 came from Kanji ka Hata, 2from Gulabbag, 2 from Jawad, 1 from Sector.14 and 1 from Savina.

The reports of the 2nd lot of samples that have been taken from Kanji ka Hata area and were 93 in numbers came later in the afternoon of which 83 of them were tested negative while 10 of them were tested positive, CMHO added.

Out of the reports of 92 samples which came few hours later 90 of them were tested negative while 2 of them were tested positive for Coronavirus disease that took the toll of the postive cases upto 248 where as with the addition of 8 more case that came from Salumbar block of Udaipur the toll reached upto 257 positive cases. 

Notably around 5 police station circle including Surajpol, Dhanmandi, Ghantaghar, Sukher, Savina and Bhopalpura are under curfew, however most of the paitents are asymptomatic are recieving treatment.



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