Negligence :Nurse declares new born baby dead,tough she was alive.

The negligence of the medical department once again came to forth on Thursday a new born baby has been declared dead by one of the nurse posted at PHC of Padawali village of Gogunda area of Udaipur despite she was alive.

She wrapped the baby in a plastic sheet and handed her over to her parents declaring her born dead.But it was when she meraciously started crying a minute before her parents were burying her in the grave.

The incidence occurred at Padawali village of Gogunda area when one Lalita a resident of the same village had been rushed to PHC in a 104 ambulance after she had labour pain and was admitted there.She gave birth to a girl child on Thursday but the nurse at the PHC Sister Ganga allegedly declared her dead when she didnot noticed any movement in her body.Ganga informed Lalita’s mother in law about the incidence and handed over the baby to her after wrapping her in a plastic sheet.

The entire family became sad with the incidence but believing it to be the dicision god they took away the baby and went to creation ground to burry her, but a minute before her father put her inside the grave she suddenly started crying.

Shocked over the incidence the people took her back at hospital and give to her mother which make her happy.

But it some point finger toward major negligence of the medical department and their way of working.

During the coronavirus outbreak everyone in the country gave respect to doctors for their selfless services and even PM Narendra urged everyone to beat thalis to show respect to doctors, but incidence like these somewhere spoils the image of the entire medical department.



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