National Level Confrence for  Farmer Sceintist  started at Udaipur.

A two days National Level Confrence of innovative Farmer Sceintists from several states of the country has been inaugrated at Udaipur on Sunday.

The program named as ‘Kisan Vegyaniko ka Rasthriya Manthan’ has been organised by Udaipur’s Pacific College in collabration with Bhartiya Kisan Sang,52 Farmer Sceintists from various states of the country including Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir,Maharastra and Rajasthan are participating in the event.

The inaugral session of the event was chaired by Dr. B.P Sharma Director of Pacific University and Dr. N.S Rathore,Deputy Director of Indian Council of Agricutural Research,New Delhi was the Chief Guest.

The percipating Farmer Sceintists are inovators in the field of Agriculture and Agricutural Equipments,some among them have created such equipments which will lessen the burden of labour of the farmers while some are growing exceptional produce in their fields.

These farmers claimed that they are having such solutions to the problems of the farmers that they can help in stopping the incidences of farmer suicides in the country.

Besides that 42 Farmer Sceintists were felicitated during the inuagral program for the extraordinary work they have done in the field of Agriculture,where as a book ‘Prayogdharmi Kisan’ written by Dr. Mahendra Madhup which discribe the success of 52 Farmer Sceintists of India was also launched during the program.



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