Mutana a social evil : H.R Kudi.


The Chairperson of  State Human Rights Commission HR Kudi visited Udaipur on Friday to take a review meeting the pendencyIMG_9134 in the disposal of the cases related to the Human Rights Commission.

During the meeting Kudi has reviewed the cases of the Mutana, Child Marriages, Pension, Free Medicine scheme and all the other matter related to the Social Security of the people.

Special emphasis was also laid on the behavior of the Public servants especially police officers with the complainants and during the review it was found that the FIRs related to any cognizable offence was not registered timely where as under CRPC there is a provision that FIR of cognizable offence should be registered immediately, following that directions has been given to the police officers to take care of it so that the people will get a relief, Kudi Said.

The review meeting was attended by various senior officials including ADM City O.P Bonkar and ADsp Sudhir Joshi.

Talking about the problem of “Mutana” Kudi told media that it is a social evil that insults our country in front of other countries in the world and it should be eradicated from the society, but it is not only the responsibility of police to fight with this evil but if everyone wants to ends this evil then every individual has to put his effort, Kudi also highlighted that illiteracy give birth to such customs and if we want the society free from it then we have to educate the people about its adverse effects.

Kudi further told media that now days the huge complaints received by the commission are related to the noise pollution created by the load music played during the wedding ceremonies or any other social function till late hours. Kudi said that playing load music after 10 pm is an offences and there are provisions to take action against any such person found playing load music after the specific time limit, police has also been instructed to take action against such person playing load music late night.

Blocking roads and effecting traffic during any protest is also a serious matter and a violation of Human Rights, blocking of road is an offence an police can register a case against such people.

Kudi has also organized a public hearing and also listen to various cases related to women exploitation and also assured them for appropriate action in their matter.



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