Muslims Mahasang urges people to observe fast, tigh black ribbons to display anger against NRC &CAA.

The protest against NRC and CAA still continues in different parts of the country,some states are struggling to control the voilent crowd that came on road against the bill,but the situation in Rajasthan is however normal. 

But the Muslims here strongly condnming the bill and decided to protest against it by tighing black ribbons on thier arms to display their anger in Udaipur on Friday. 

Islamic scholar Sajjad Nomani here urged the people to observe a fast (Roza) and protest, he believes that if people will observe fast and pray to god their prays will be fullfilled by the god,based upon his appeal a meeting was organized by the members of Muslim Mahasang on Thursday and was decided to call for peaceful protest against NRC and CAA on Friday in which hundreds of people from community will take part by tighing black ribbons on their arms.

The founder of Muslim Mahasang Haji Mohammed Baqsh told DU”In our meeting we have decided just to display the anger against NRC by doing our routine works by tighing black ribbons on arms,we also made an appeal to the people to observe fast (Roza), but will be no rally or memorandums in this regard”.


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