Muslim women staged protest against Centre’s Triple Talaq Bill at Udaipur.

More than 500 Muslim women most of them clad in hijab stepped out of their houses in Udaipur to join the march against the Central government’sTriple Talaq Bill on Wednesday.

The women holding posters and placades in their hands took out the march under the banner of Anjuman Talimul Islam Udaipur Chapter holding that they do not want any interferance in Islamic laws.

The protesters gathered at Anjuman Chowk area of the city at around and from moved towards the city in a rally.

Passing from all the prominent circles including Marshal Choraha,Surajpol, Bapu Bazar,Delhigate the rally ended outside Collectorate,the protesters also includes some islamic scholars which has given a speech about the Islamic Laws,later they handed a memorandum to the administrative officials on the name country’s president.

Najma Mewafarosh member of Anjuman Talimul Islam and Councillor Udaipur Municipal Corporation said” We are strickly against the recent Bill of the government against Triple Talaq, our laws are made in Quraan they cannot be changed by any human being,we want that this bill should be reconsidered and suggestions should also taken from those  muslims that are against this bill”.

By holding the Triple Talaq Bill of the government anti Islamic Najma said ” We will not tolarate anyone interference in our religious laws as we never interfere in anybody’s religion and we request that no person should interfere in our personal matters in future”.

This new laws is not meant to unite Muslim families but to distroy them to send the muslim man to jail and leave the muslim women alone,Najma added. 



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