More than 80 sheeps crushed to death by a speeding truck on Udaipur-Pindwara highway on Monday

As many as 100 sheeps were crushed to death as a speeding truck trailor ran over their herd at Gogunda village on Udaipur-Pindwara highway on Monday morning. 

The incident occurred  at 5 am in the morning when the herd of sheep came in the path of the speeding truck trailor which was coming towards Udaipur fr Pindwara, the vehicle suddenly lost its control on a slope near Gogunda village, the truck crushed around 100 sheeps and left few others injured, the shepered also sustained minor injuries.

The flow of traffic also remained effected in the area for more than 2 hours, a crane was used to remove the carcases of the sheeps, those injured were rushed to the  veterinary hospital by the police, while the truck driver fled the scene in the truck, said Sunil a constable from Gogunda police station.

The police lodged an FIR against the driver and started investigating the matter.



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