More than 4000 people came on road to lend support to protest against NRC,CAA.

By Lending support to the nation wide protest against NRC and CAA nearly 4000 people took to the roads and demonstrated against it under the banner of Bahujan Kranti Morcha here on Wednesday. 

The people perticipating in the rally took out a rally from Town Hall near Municipal Corporation Office which passed through Delhi gate circle, Hathipol circle and Chetak Cirlce before culminating outside the Collectorate.

Durning the protest the people from social groups perticipating in the protest under the banner of Bahujan Kranti Morcha with black ribbons on their arms and banners in their hands, they staged a protest and raised slogans seeking ban on NRC and CAA.

Ganesh Lal of Bahujan Kranti Morcha said”Today more than 4000 people including  members of various social groups ike Anjuman Talimul Islam has perticipated in the protest against the NRC and CAA, we strongly condemned them and want that they be ban immediately.

Lal said that due to this amendment act a huge number of people of the country will become homeless and also the Central government is not concern with that,not only that the government is also tends to divide people on the name of religion and want to create communal differences among the people of the country.

 The  later handed over a memorandum to the administrative officers and demanded to change the decision considering it against constitution.


By lending support to the country wide protest against the rape and murder incidences of Hyderabad's...


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