Mistaken as child lifters cops beaten up by Mob at Banswara.

Four people including 3 policemen of Gujarat and a civilian was beaten up by a mob of villagers after they mistaken them as child lifters on Wednesday evening at Kushalgarh area of Banswara district of Udaipur. 

The incidence occured on Wednesday when a team of Gujarat police including  a sub inspector, a head constable and a constable along with one of their informer came to Kushalgarh area of Banswara to arrest an accused of burgalary which took  place at Valsad area of Gujarat few days back,to hide their identity they were  dressed in plain clothes with their face covered, mistakening them as child lifters encircled  them and later  beaten them up, but it was when some people from the  crowd intervened that the victims were rescused and shifted to a room safely, later they were  handed over to the local that rushed them to the police station, police said.

Sp Banswara  Kesar Singh told HT”A case has been registered  against  unknown  accused as it was a mob, we are investigating the matter thoroughly,no arrest was made yet but it will done once the culprits will be identified”.

While talking about the incidence Sp said” The team  of Gujarat  police that were investigating a case of burgalary that occured at Valsad area of the  state got tipoff that one of its accused  is hiding at Kushalgarh of Banswara,keeping the operation confidential the team came in plain clothes and even removed the licence plate of their vehicle, with their suspicious appearance the villagers get confused and took them as child lifters and thrashed them”.

This was not the first incidence of Udaipur division where people were mistaken as child lifters, earlier  also a two people  including a man and a woman was thrashed at Banswara and Dungarpur districts while at Udaipur  eunuch was beaten was targeted by a mob on a doubt of him being a child lifter,however later 11people were arrested  in relation to the incidence and were booked under several sections of IPC.



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