Mentally upset man climped on Statue of Chetak horse, panicked people.

An unusual incidence stunned the people at Chetak circle on Sunday when they saw an unidentified man sitting on the statue of the Chetak horse, the passing by people tried to convince him to come down from the statue but he didnt listened to any body and stayed in the statue.

Eventually after putting efforts for more than half an hour the people somehow managed to bring him down from the statue and handed him to police, during the verification of the situation it was found that the man was allegedly mentally upset.

People got hurt with the incidence.

Maharana Pratap the brave king of Mewar always remained a true Hero for the people of Udaipur, but besides him people also give respect to his Horse Chetak, following that a huge statue of Chetak has been installed at city’s most prominent circle with an intention to give a tribute to him, when the people saw a man standing on the statue of the beloved horse of Maharana Mewar the people got annoyed and started  pulling him down by condemning his act.

Chetak, the Khatiyawadi horse of Maharana Pratap whom he rod during the battle of Haldhighati is known for his love and sacrifice towards Maharana, he sacrificed his life during the war to save the life of Maharana.



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