Meet Mr.Rakesh man with a big heart,serving humanity from years

When Mohan Singh, 32, was brought to Udaipur’s MB Hospital in April  , there was no one the doctors could call as his friends or family. The man had met with an accident near Champa Lal Dharamshala and had massive injuries in the left foot. He had to be operated upon. 

He was in the government hospital’s trauma centre. When Rakesh Agrwal  went to the hospital in the evening, a staff told him about Singh, a destitute. Agarwal went to the trauma centre, and met him.

“Don’t worry,” he told him. “Don’t think you are alone.”

The next day, Agarwal took some clothes for him and homecooked food. For next 8 days, he would visit him every day in the evening at 7 pm, taking food and tea for him.

“He was like my elder brother,” Singh said.

Then there was this elderly couple who had no one to look after them in hospital. When Agarwal met them, he assured them that he would be their attendant. Every day, he would spend about an hour with them, chatting with them about general things, taking them for medical check-ups and giving them food.

Singh and the elderly couple were unknown to Agarwal but the 52-year-old businessman has been helping people in this hospital through the lockdown induced by coronavirus disease. If someone needs blood, he coordinates with the doctors and hospital’s blood bank, and also has a list of friends who are forever willing to donate.

In the first one months of the lockdown, Agarwal distributed 50 food packets every day to attendants of patients in the hospital. The food was prepared at (the at Agrwal’s house ) and distributed with the help of his family (6 people including his wife children and two neighbors) in him own car.

Agarwal also distributed a homoeopathic medicine, which the ministry of Ayush has approved as an immunity booster. “I gave it to 600 people. Ayush doctors said it boosts people’s immunity so that  even if they get infected by Sars-Cov-2 virus, they won’t get Covid-19,” he said.

He visits hospital every day for three-four hours,  mostly between 7 and 10 pm, looking after the needy people, solving their personal problems, being with them as their attendant.

He bought a wheelchair for a boy from Vagadpura village in Pratapgarh district when he found that his father couldn’t afford one. The boy fell from terrace of his house and broke his legs.

Agarwal said he had a road accident around 15 years ago and it was this hospital that saved his life. “As a mark of gratitude, I come here every day and help people with whatever I can,” he said.

Ritu Agarwal, his wife, is a home maker. She said the family was with him in his philanthropy. “We are proud of him for the fact that he is serving the humanity. We support him in everything he does,” she said.

Rakesh has two children; his son is an MBA and is working with a private company in Udaipur, while his daughter is preparing for CA.He a trader and exporter of marble and own a marble mine at Rakhi at Jhalore district. 



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