Massive Protest of Anganwadi workers.


More than  4000 Anganwadi workers has staged a district level protest outside Udaipur Collectorate on Monday following their demands. Protestors has called slogans against the Government and handed over a memorandum to the administrative officer under the banner of Anganwadi Karmchari Sang and has also by warned them for violent protest in case if their demands will be ignored.


Geeta Sharma the State President of Anganwadi Karmchari Sang (association) told  DU that their key demand is to be given a permanent job and also be considered as Government employees  as well as  should get a minimum salary of Rs.15000, Geeta also added that they are protesting in relation to their demands from last 6 months but their demands are considered till now.

Geeta further added that besides appointing them as permanent employees all the Anganwadi workers should be given periodic holidays. Besides that all the elderly women that have been retired from their job or about to get retired should be provided a gratuity amount of Rs. 5 Lakhs and Rs. 3000 as pension.

The protestors in their memorandum also highlighted that the Government has started a process of appointing the supervisors directly on the basis of their experience and in that around 25 women has to appointed but no one has been selected yet.

At the end the annoyed Anganwadi workers has said that their demands be considered as soon as possible or they will demonstrate their annoyance in a violent way.




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