Massive protest against CAA, NRC in Udaipur.

Protests are going in across the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act where people from different regions coming in huge number against  braving BJP government’s brutal repession and targeting the social activities.

In this series of protest various political, non political and student organizations from Udaipur also came forward to lend support to the anti Citizenship Amendment Act  protest on Friday allegeling the government to withhold the new law as it discriminate on the basid of religion.
Rasing slogans against the National Register of Citizenship and Citizenship Amendment Act the protestors claimed that it is against the Constitution as it discriminate on the basis of religion.

They were holding placards with message against the Act and some anti CAA posters were also seen during the protesters.

While talking to media Babu Lal Chanwal of Bahujan Tribal Party (BTP) said” Today more than 35 organisations including all the minority morchas and group have staged protest against the new Citizenship Amendent Act at 550 districts of the state including Udaipur, we are against the bill as it hinders our constitional rights, we strongly condemned it and presented a memorandum today to the district collector demanding withdrawal of such bill by the government till 30th January and if  our demand will not be considered till 30th January than it will have dire consequences for which the administration a government will be responsible”.

The Cheif of Anjuman Talimul Islam Udaipur Chapter Mohammed Khalil Khan said”Modi is like Hitler,he always wanted to create problems for the citizens, we have elected him as the Prime Minister of the country, but want follow the policy of devide and rule,he always wanted to trouble Muslims either by passing such Anti Social bill or by triple talaq bill or by Babri masjid issue, muslims always remained quit but now no more silence, everyone react, this is not only the protest of muslims but all the communities including OBC, Scst and others”.


By lending support to the country wide protest against the rape and murder incidences of Hyderabad's...


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