Man posing as Army Captain interrogated.

A man posing as Army Captain has been arrested and was interogatted by Jodhpur Intellegence Wing in Udaipur.

This is to be noted that the man identified as Akshay Dubey was staying at a hotel at Rajsamand from last two months without paying the rent.

It was when one of the employee of the hotel informed the police on finding his activites suspicious.

As per information he had allegedly taken money from people on the name providing them jobs in the Army.

During his interrogation Akshay revealed that he hails from Mumbai and had stayed of the hotels of Udaipur from last few months,he has failed in the entrance exams for Army twice, after that he started fooling people posing as a Captian.

He was later shifted to Eklinggarh Army cantonment area where was questioned by the officials of Jodhpur Intellegence Wing.

The police however said that nothing suspicious is yet found during the interrogation and the course of questioning is on,while the officials of Intellegence Wing is also keeping the things confidential.



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