Man fooling people on the name of shining ornaments, caught,tied up,beaten by angry mob at Udaipur.

A man who was fooling the people on the name of shining gold and silver ornaments was caught tied to a tree and beaten up by an angry mob at Bhinder area of Udaipur.

The incidence occured on Sunday afternoon when it continued till more than 2 hours later the accused was arrested by the police and shifted to police station for interrogation.

Station House Officer Bhinder police station Punaram said that the arrested accused Sukhdev Sahu a resident of Bihar and his associate use to extract gold from ornaments on the name of shining them with a chemical, we have booked him under the charges of fraud on the basis of victim Geeta’s report and interrogating him while the hunt for his aidw is on.

Victim Geeta told that she was on the ground floor of his two storied house when two men arrived,they introduced themselves by saying that they use to shine gold and ornaments and asked to give them thr ornaments, as soon as Geeta went up to call her husband Heera Lal accused Sukhdev and his aide also went they took out a gold ring from Heera Lal’s finger and also tookout a gold bangle of Geeta and put them inside a chemical.

It was when Geeta noticed that Sukhdev’s hands were shacking while cleaning the ornaments that she started shouting out of suspicion, seeing her shouting both the accused tried to escape the scene one of tgem managed to flee away while Sukhdev was caught by Heera Lal with the help of other villagers after a chase and was later tied up to a tree, he was allegdly beaten up and later handed over to police,Geeta added.

The police is now interrogating the accused further in relation to thier crime,in his interrogation he revealed that he use to extract some portion of gold from the ornaments with the help of chemical and later sell it.



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