‘Mahavastu’ forays into Udaipur.


One of India’s leading Vastu Consultancy “MahaVastu” has announced its foray into Udaipur to cater to the growing demand for Vastu accurate spaces by the real estate industry , corporate , HNI’s and individuals for their homes and offices, it’s Udaipur office has been opened at Madhuban area near ICICI Bank.
While addressing the media during the press conference at city’s Trident Hotel Dr. Kushdeep Bansal the founder of MahaVastu said” We are the civilization with a proven track record of 12000 years with accurate formulae for living in balance with the ecosystem. With more than 20000 success stories achieved by MahaVastu across the world, we can reiterate that the imbalance of life can be addressed in a better way if we spread awareness of this holistic ecosystem – Vastu.”

Dr. Bansal further added “living a happy, wholesome and blissful life has been every body’s dream and we work towards helping them achieve this by bringing in the power of VastuShastra, an ancient mystic science for design and building”.
Vastu is a complementary system to Yoga and Ayurveda. Mahavastu’s research shows that if our living and working environment is not balancing between life and ecosystem, then these imbalances leads to family discord and diseases. Thus they influence the deeds, luck, behavior and other basics of once life, Dr. Bansal said.
Informing about Mahavastu Dr. Bansal said that it is a systematic process and does not encourage demolition. It’s highly to create a better world to live in.

Dr. Khushdeep further informed that the ‘Mahvastu – Hindu living philosophy ‘ is based on his extensive research on VastuShastra and Yoga philosophy .
Dr. Bansal has written the biggest book on VastuShastra, along with eight other famous titles on Vastu and Yoga philosophy.
When asked about the Vastu of the country and its prosperity in present scenario Dr. Bansal said the country who’s Prime Minister himself is a Yogi then its prosperity is guaranteed.




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