Leopard strays in City Palace,rescue operation is on.

A leopard strayed allegedly into the crystal gallery of the Darbar hall of City Palace of Udaipur on Sunday night.

The entry of tourist inside the Palace has been stopped considering the safety however the rescuse operation is still going on.

Deputy Chief Conservator of of forest Shaitan Singh told DU”We received the information of the leopard from the Palace at around 1 o’clock on Sunday night following which a rescue team including out shooter Satnam Singh rushed to the scene and initiated the rescue operation,the animal is hiding inside the crystal gallery and we can hear the roars”.

A trap.has been laid outside the gallery as well as the tranqulizer is also ready to tranqulize the beast but it seems that it will come out since the evening in the dark, Shaitan Singh said.

He said that it could be the one out the two leopards often seen at the Machla Magra area and Jhal Bhuj area of the city, it might have entered the premises late night but later on rushed towards the Darbar Hall to hide himself from the human beings, Singh added. 

Earlier a couple of leopard was last spotted roaming around the Dudhtalai area and JalBhuj area on 10th August 2019 since their movement was seen at areas across the city but this for the first time they have staryed inside the Palace.

As per Shaitan Singh leopard are very commonly seen at the hunting rangr located behind the Shikar Badi area of Udaipur.



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