Leopard strayed in residential colony,hunts a cat at Udaipur, CCtv Footage.

A leopard strayed into a residential colony at Udaipur on Thursday night paniced the locals and kept the officials of forest department in their toes.

The animal is believed to have wondered in four-five houses at the Jivan Tara colony of the city and later he targeted a cat.

The movement of the big cat has been captured in the Cctv Camera installed inside the house at the residential colony which he can be seen hunting a cat and fleeing away with his pray.

The incidence came to light after the Cctv went viral on social media on Friday morning.

Reacting upon the incidence District Forest Officer (DFO) Ajay Kumar Chittora said”We have received the information of the incidence and also seen the video clip, the clip has been sent for verification and soon a search operation will be started for the animal, however the reason behind straying of a leopard in that colony can be that it is located nearby the forest area of Udaipur.”

Notably the incdences of leopard straying at residential colonies of Udaipur is getting very common these days, one of such incidence was recently occurred at B-block colony of Pratap Nagar area where a leopard was captured in CCtv Camera while he was roaming between the houses and getting disappear in dark.

In yet another incidence a leopard which has been declared as ‘Man Eater‘ has been shot dead after he killed three person including two kids at Ptiya area of Parsad village of Udaipur over a period of 22 days.

Rahul Bhatnagar Chief Wildlife Conservator said, the main reasons behind Leopard-Human conflicts is human enchrochmenr in wild enclosures, wrong disposal of food by the hotels and restaurants located near forest areas attract stray dogs which is one of the favourite dog of leopards,scarcity of food in forest forced these animals to move towards other places where they target cattles or livestocks and at sometime few humans also become their pray.

Inpal Singh Matharu, senior officer of forest department said that leopard is shy animal usually it never enters human colonies, he is a vercital animal too he does not have any perticular pattern of hunting he can eat any animal even bodies of the animals,dogs and monkeys are among one of their favourite foods, moreover he climb trees to hunt monkey.

Matharu said that places like Shikarbadi and Eklingarh were areas known for hunting in old days and even today it is surrounded by forest, these areas are having leopards but than too no incidence of Leopard -Human conflict is ever reported at Udaipur except few including one which occurred recently at Parsad village.

Besides that only one leopard is so far declared man eater in Udaipur and one was declared and shot at Pratapgarh district in 2006-07, Matharu added.



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