Kashmiri students trashed by fellow students at Chittorgarh.

Four Bihari students of Mewar University  of Rajasthan were detained  by the police on 23th November after they have beaten up 4 Kashmiri students of their own university on Friday following an argument. 

Tahir Majeed that hails from Kashmir’s Handwara sustained severe injuries and was admitted to hospital in critical condition while others identified as Ashfaq Ahmed Qureshi, Bilal and Mohammed Ali sustained minor injuries, police said.

According to Deputy Sp Chittorgarh Verdhichand the students had a scuffle in the morning o  an issue of using an outpass, later in the evening when two of the Kashmiri  students Iqbal and Tahir were heading towards the canteen for dinner they attacked by the same group of bihari students Zishan, Adil, Nazar and Sunil, soon others students from both the side reached on the spot and tried to interveined, soon the cheif warden also reached and called the police.

Those injured were rushed to the hospital  and later Ashfaq among the victims lodged an FIR against the accused on 23th November under various sections of IPC.

Upon questioning him about if it was hate crime Vredhichand said that it is a normal incidence of clash between students  and not crime related to religion or region, those attacked and 3 out of the 4 accused are of the same community, the accused were detained under section 107 and 151 Crpc and the situation is completely under control.

The FIR of Ashfaq reads that it was around 8.20 pm on 22nd November when the Bihari boys attacked his freinds Tahir and Iqbal and thrashed them, upon listening to the screams Ashfaq few others of his side rushed to the spot and tried to stop them, but the accused beaten him also, he claimed in his report.



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