Journey of a brave woman from a Cancer survivor to an author : Durriya Kapasi.

Kehte hai ki….. Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to puri qaynat usse apse milane me lag jati hai, this dailog of Bollywood Super Star Shahrukh Khan is perfectly fitted with a 29 year old woman of Udaipur who always dreamt of becoming a published author and finally her dream has turned into reality as her first book is going to be published in March 2017.
Meet Durriya Kapasi a 29 year old woman who was born and bought up in Dar-es -salam Tanzania and married in Udaipur,India.

Kapasi has started her carrier on a free online portal for story tellers.

But Kapasi’s life was not so smooth in previous years  as she was suddenly gripped by Cancer, but that was not the end as this strong willed woman bravely faught with the devastating disease and had become an inspiratiob for others by wining over it.

Despite all mental and physical Dilemma Kapasi never left the hope.

After recovering from her ailment she had started her life with a new energy and also started pursuing her dream of becoming a published author and now she is only steps away from that as her book”Once Upon a Genie” is going to be published in March 2017.

While talking to DU Kapasi said” It is all becuase of my supporting family today i have achieved what always dreamt of, i was always found of writing and use to write stories im spare time, but i wrote my first book in 2012 on my mobile phone and named it a human vempire love story, but that gave birth to a proffesional author in me as it has gained unbeliveable fame on and topped the chat, then os realised that i can be a published author.

Later my second book Lydia was mentioned in a renouwed english paper and also in a magazine in Chennai and also listed as a finalist in Watty Awards 2013.That boosted me with confidence and motivated me to work on the 3rd book”.

Talking about her disease Kapasi said” As i was working on my third book and also wrote few of its chapter but suddenly my health started falling down, the things that started with indigetion of food gradually turns massive and also my body was getting ruined.I immediately rushed to Ahmedabad for treatment where doctors discovered that i was suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a kind blood of blood cancer stage 3, i have been through the sessions of chemotharpy but between that i never left my hope to be a published author, but due to impact of the dreadful dieases and the tharapies i even lost my ability to think,write or speak”.
Kapasi further told DU” i took cancer as lesson of life and also understood that how important every breath is for a human being, however it was husband who stood with me and supported me in my worse days and also supported me in the battle of life”.

At the end Kapasi informed ther her book Once Upon a Geine is love story of a beautiful girl and a young geine, but the more important is that i have finally compeleted it and got a big yes from the publishing house when approached it.



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