Irregularities found during a raid conducted by DLSA Udaipur at unregistered old age home.

 Acting upon the directions of Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority the team of District Legal Service Authority of Udaipur led by Ridhima Sharma Upper District and Sessions Judge and Secretary conducted a raid at an unregistered old age home run by an NGO at Servrituvilas area of Udaipur.
As per Sharma the facility was run by Lathi trust in a rented house located at Servrituvlias area.She furtj6said that the action taken after her she received a complaint, according to the complaint an old age home was being run by the NGO illegally in a house owned by one Mohan Lal where mentally ill elderly people were kept and made to work day and night  without food.The complaintnant also informed with these elderly people one AIDS paitent was also accomodating who was staying there for a long without any medical treatment.There condition was so pathetic that when they demand for food they were beaten up and there were no safety arrangements for the inhabitants against Covid-19.
Those living at the facility were either making agarbatis or washing power and also filling up the bottles.They were staying along with the salesmen of these products who are found of non veg food and consuming liqour.

Two of the people accomodating at the facility somehow managed to come out of it and registered a complaint at the local police station but the police took them back to the old home left them there, later both of them were thrown out of it by the representatives of the NGO.
On the basis of all these serious allegations the team of District Legal Services Authority Udaipur conducted a raid at the premises of the facility during which several irregularities were found, a report of the same haa been sent to the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority,Jaipur and Superintendent of Police Udaipur for further action.
Besides that there the facility was being run in a shaddy premises, no sign board was also installed outside the premises.upon questioning the neighbors about it they said that a packing unit of washing powder, agarbatis is being run at the premises nor an old age home. 
Moreover when the team entered the premises it was dark with dim lights, as the team moved on the first floor of the building they spotted an 80 year woman lying on the floor naked naked and sreaming out of pain, when the team enquired about her the operater of the facility told that she was being left there by her children who asked them to keep her there untill she die as there was no one left to take care of her at her house.Her spine was damaged and due that she was screaming and crying so badly that her screams can be heard from the road.Sharma immediately ordered the NGO to rush that old age woman to hospital for treatment.
The operator of the old age home also told Sharma that there was no facility of First Aid Doctor there and the inmates themself buy medicines from nearby medical store when ever needed, she further said that these elderly people were made to make washing powder, agarbatis and fill acid bottles against which they were provides food.
The director of Lathi Trust said that the premises is being rented to run a school and an old age home, but when she asked that why the agarbati and washing powder was lying there she cannot give satisfactory answer. 
In another shocking incidence sign boards displaying restricted entry were hanging outside kitchen and washroom, when the operator of the old aged home was asked about it shw said that all the inmatea have to wash their utensils by themselves as there was clearner present at the old age home.
When she asked about any record or a register of the people staying at the facility she said there ia no register or record being maintained. 
However strict legal action will taken against the operators of such facility based on the thorough investigation, but this somewhere it os pointing fingers towards the condition of the old age homes being run in the city on the name of providing social services, the inhabitants of the Lathi Old Age home will also be shifted to another authorised old age home.



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