International cycliying athlete Dr.Amit Samarth visits Udaipur.

The Iron Man cyclist and world record holder Dr. Amit Samarth on Sunday visited Udaipur.

He was welcomed by the members of Udaipur Cycling Club.

During his one day visit to Udaipur Samarth has visited the tarrains of Udaipur and also cycled for few kilometers on the banks of Lake Fatah Sagar.

While adressing a Press Confrence Samarth said that there are lots of possbilites to develop cycling as a sport in Udaipur, he emphasised on making Udaipur a sport city,he said that Udaipur is one of the tourist destinations where both local and foregin tourists visits frequently,if cycling will be motivated here this will add new dimentions to it and this will ultimately boost the tourisim,he also said that there is a good scope of Cycling in Udaipur as it has terrains for cycing and is surronded by Aravali range which is needed to train for cycling and Iron Man cycling race can be organised here.

Udaipur Cycling Club.

Samarth who is also known as ‘Ghost Rider’ amongs the cycling community said that he will perticipate in the Iron Man Cycling race to be held at Australia in 2019 and along with him Udaipur’s Jitendra Patel of Udaipur Cycling Group will also take part in the event.

Jitendra Patel of Udaipur Cycling Club speaking on the occasion said that Amit is having number of records on his name and is an inspiration for others,he has completed Red Bull Transsiberian Race by peddling 9100 kilometers in 25 days which has made 6th man in the world to complete this race.

Besides that he has also completed Race Across America (RAAM) an endurance race by travelling a distance of 5000 kilometers from west coast to east coast  of United States in 11 days 21 hours on his cycle that too in first attempt while many other cyclists cannot complete it even in three attempts.

Amit has compeleted 15 Iron Man races so far and is the only Indian and the Asian to have more than 2 dozens of world records on his name.

On the occasion Amit was accompained by Jitendra,Dr.Sharad Ayanger,Sumit Sharma,Nitesh Tank,Prakash Mali,Kailash Jain and Vikas Khandelwal of Udaipur Cycling Club.



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