Important press confrence regarding Covid-19.

After being the nation wide lock down announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22nd March Udaipur Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi on Thursday while adressing a press confrence informed that by taking another major step to protect people from getting exposed to Covid-19 the Ghangur Pooja (Prayer) to be held on Ghanghour Ghat on Friday has been  and the people were also made aware about the decision through public adress system and the women were advised to offer prayers and perform the rituals of the day from their houses only. 

Besides that they had also talked to the Anjuman Talimul Islam cheif regarding  Friday Namaj(Prayers) and he assured that the rules of section 144 of Crcp will be obyed. 

But besides that there will be no restrictions on the movement of the vehicles carrying goods,there will be no restrictions on such vehicles carrying essential goods and commodities, Said Bishnoi. 

He further said the Lock Down has been imposed in Udaipur strictly and 6 FIRs has  been arrested and 11 people were been arrested so far for  breaking rules. 

District Collector Anandi who was there with Sp during the press confrence said that to keep a check on new people entering into Udaipur a door to door screening process has also been started.Following this a register has been kept at each Panchayat, various monitering groups has been contitutted at Panchayat level these groups were directed to keep an eye on the people listed in the register and also to ensure that they should move out of their houses. 

Talking about other essential facilities Anadi said that Udaipur will not face the shortage of face masks as 25000 three layer masks will soon be available at Udaipur and Sodium hypochlorite is also coming in sufficient quantity from Kota and the manufacturing of sanitizers has also bejng started by the distilleries. 

With that around 28000 people working at various places of Maharashtra and Gujarat had returned back to their house Dungarpur, of these 16 thousand had returned on Wednesday and around 12 thousand had returned on Thursday. 



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