Illicit liqour worth Rs. 25 lakhs seized,4 arrested at Kherwada.

Kharwada police of Udaipur on Monday arrested driver and spotter of a truck for transporting illicit liqour worth Rs.25 lakhs along the boxes of paint and also carrying bilty of the paint.Police have also arrested 2 men escorting the truck in a Bolero car, said Station House Officer Kherwada P.S Bharat Yogi.

Yogi told media that on Monday morning he got a tipoff that a truck laden with boxes of paint is also carrying illicit liqour worth rupees 25 lakhs and was about to cross Kherwada Highway to head towards Gujarat.

Acting upon the information Yogi along with his team launch a road check up on the highway,  within few minutes the truck was spotted and stopped for check up and few meter away from that the police also caught a man from a Bolero car for escorting the truck carrying the illict liqour.

Upon checking 105 cartons of illicit liqour was found inside the truck along with the boxes of paint which were later seized and the accused were arrested for smuggling the liqour. 

The accused driver and spotter of the truck  were identified as Jogendra Singh, Karan Singh  Jat while the escorts was identified as Chap Singh Jat and Ajay Singh Jat, said Yogi.

The truck, car and the consignment of the liqour has been seized while arrested accused are still under interrogation, Yogi added.

Yogi further added that Kherwada police has seized illicit liquor worth Rs. 2 crores so far during the lockdown in last 4 months.



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