Illegal liquor worth Rs.1Cr. Seized on Gujarat highway,biggest catch in last 10 years.

In an intensive drive, Udaipur police on Saturday police seized an illegal liquor of Rs.1 crores during a road check on Udaipur-Gujarat highway near Dungarpur border, said Station House Officer of Kherwada police station Bharat Yogi.

Yogi said that it is the biggest haul of illegal liqour that has been caught over the period years with 1216 cartons of Haryana made liqour from a container, one man has also been arrested by the police in this connection.

The container carrying the illegal liqour was impounded at the highway on Saturday and the liqour was seized during a checking held at higway near Dungarpur border, it was found that the container was carrying a huge quantity of illegal liqour filled in cartons hidden under the sacks.Over 1216 cartons of liqour were found from the truck which were bound for Gujarat, Yogi added.

Yogi further said that the smuggling of illegal liqour has seen a sudden boom these days as the festival which sees a rise in consumption of liqour is coming up.
Earlier also a consignment of illegal liquor worth Rs.25 lakhs has been seized by Kherwada police few days back at Gujarat highway, but this was the biggest haul of illegal liqour ever caught in last years,said Yogi.

With neighbouring state Gujarat under prohibition, Udaipur has become a transit point for the transportation of the illegal  from the north western states to the dry states like Gujarat, Yogi added.

However the liqour was seized and the driver was arrested, police is now questioning him further in relation of the smuggling of such a big consignment of illegal liqour and also on whose behest he was transportating it.



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