Illegal liqour manufacturing unit busted at Dabok,2 arrested.

The Excise department of Udaipur on Wednesday busted a fake liqour manufacturing unit at Taak area of Maal ki Tose Panchayat of the district and has seized a large quantity of material that allegedly being use to manufacture illegal liqour, police has also arrestd two men tbis connection. 

On a tipoff a team of led by District Assistant Excise Officer Lokesh Joshi raided a house at Taak village of Maal ki Tose area kn wednesday where an illegal liquor manufacturing unit was operated.

Joshi told that he was getting the information of the operations of an illegal liquor manufacturing unit being run at out inside a house in the rural area at Taak village, upon verifying the information the team has raided the house and busted the racket of illegal liqour manufacturing. 

He said during the raid at one Mohit Meghwal’s house huge quantity of illegal liqour,100 litres of spirit, bottle, bottle, caps, wappers, holograms and other material was recovered which later seized.

Joshi further said that both the arrested  accused allegedly use to sell the manufactured liqour in the market on cheap rates, both the accused were booked for their crime and are still under course of interrogation.  



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