I belive Congress will change the CM: Kataria.


Bhartiya Janta Party Leader of Opposition and Ex Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria seems to be excited with the grand victory of his party in the state.

Following that he adressed a press conference on Friday during which he slamed the Congress Party and its government in the state as well.

During the press confrence which was held at BJP Party Office Kataria said” the promises against which the people of Rajasthan has given chance to Congress were not at all fulfilled by them,with that Kataria also held the welfare schemes and work done by the Modi government in its last tenure responsible for its victory in the Lok Sabha Election 2019.
Kataria assured that maximum benefits of various schemes of the Central government will reach to the people of the state and they as a opposition will also lay more pressure on the congress government to work for the benefits of the people.
By targeting the CM Ashok Gehlot he said that seeing the defeat in the state he is being summoned at Delhi by his Party Leaders,Kataria said that it is his belief that the Congress Party soon change the CM of tje state, he said that the CM which could not male his son win even in his home town have bo right to be the CM.
On the occasion Kataria by reacting on government’s decision on Yog day said that it is a nerrow mindedness of the government,it is purely a decision taken by tje government in attitude,at one side the entire world is adopting Yoga on the other hand the state government is doing politics on it.



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