History Sheeter killed in day light firing,accused arrested in hours after the incidence in Udaipur.

On a stromy Saturday evening the busy Patel Circle area of Udaipur was rattled when two bikers rained bullets on a criminal and left him dead in the spot.

Soon a team of police tookover the market.Within hours with the help of intensive raids and survilance, the police team succeeded in nabbing both the accused involved in the incidence,said Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi.

According to Sp the Saddam alais Kadda (24) was a History Sheeter with 17 cases on his name at various police stations of the district and one of the accused out of the two that attacked him Nasir is a neighbour of him.

The killing was an outcome of a prolonged dispute between Saddam and Nasir, both accused targets Saddam at around 5.15 pm at Patel Circle, they approched him in a motorcycle and opened fire at him,4 rounds were fired out of which 2 got missed while the other two got pumped in his abdominal resulting in his on the spot death, Sp said.

Every one in the area got stunned with the day light firing and panic prevealled in the area.

However both the accused were nabbed by the police team later in the evening from Goverdhan Villas area,Sp said further.

Saddam was reportedly a hebitual offender, he remained lodged in jail for a while in relation to a incidence of loot at Abu Road,he recently got bailed and got married few months back .

The accused Nasir in his preliminary interrogation revealed that Saddam had recently had misbehaved with Nasir’s parents since than he was plaining to take revenge from him following that,Nasir fetched a plan of Saddam’s murder and executed it on Saturday.

Both the accused are still under police interrogation and the police team is now trying to get more information about the incidence and also to recover tje weapon used in the crime,added Sp Bishnoi.



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