High alert following terrorist fear in Udaipur &Gujarat.

The Intellegence agencies of India has suspected terrorist attack in Udaipur and Gujarat following the tension in the border areas.
Following the information the Gujarat police has sealed the inter state boundaries including Ratanpur border which run through Dungarpur  on Sunday.
Various police teams were deployed in the area to keep a check on the situation.
Along with that various teams of  CrPF has also been stationed at the border area and the police stations in the border area like Ribashdeo and Kotra area also kept on high alert.
Sp Udaipur Kailash Chandra Bishnoi when questioned about the alert said”We have not received any direct information from any agency but we have enquried about it from Gujarat police which said that intellegence agencies allegedly mentioned that there is a poteintel input about terrorists intruction between Gujarat Udaipur borders,but except that there is no specific information about the incidence,moreover we donot have any information about the identify and where abouts of the suspects”.



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