Head Constable held by ACB while accepting bribe of Rs 11000 at Udaipur.

A Head Constable has been arrested while accepting a bribe amount of Rs.11000 at Udaipur on Friday evening.

Accused Maliram,posted at Gogunda police station of the district has demanded the amount from the complainent for finishing the case in which both the parties had already done compromise.

The Head Constable had earlier also taken Rs.4000 in bribe from the victim which has been recovered from room.

Anti Corruption Additional Sp Sudhir Joshi said”Two women of Rajput community had an heated argument following which both of them had filled complaints against each other at Gogunda police station,but later the matter sorted out between them and they have given a settlement letter in the police station,but the Head Constable still kept on threatening both the women for implicating them in a case if them didnot give him an amount of Rs.15000″.

Fed up with threats of the Head Constable the victims lodged a complaint against him with ACB after which an investigation has been launched.The complaint was verified and the accused was nabbed while accepting Rs.11000 as bribe while he had had already taken Rs.4000 from the the victim earlier, said Joshi.

A case has been registered against the accused under Prevention of Corruption Act.



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