Hardik Patel targets BJP while adressing Public Meeting at Salumbar in support of Congress candidate of Lok Sabha Election Raghuveer Singh Meena.

Former Patel Patidar Stir Leader and member of Congress Party Hardik Patel adressed a Public Meeting on Saturday at Salumbar area of Udaipur to lend his support to Udaipur’s Congress Candidate of Lok Sabha Election Raghuveer Singh Meena.

While adressing the tribal people over there Patel claimed that if any party that can work in favour of the tribal is the Congress Party, he also targeted BJP by saying that the party has made several promises to the people regarding various things but could not fullfill them.It is now motivating the to people to vote for them using the name India Army and soldiers,he further said that Congress works for the benefit of the people wereas BJP is doing communal politics by making people fight with each with each other which will have dire consequences in future.
Patel urged people to vote for Congress Candidate Raghuveer Singh Meena make him win from Salumbar Consituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.
On the occasion along with various Congress leaders,party workers and supporters many Patel Patidar movement leaders also accompanied Haridk Patel during his brief visit to Salumbar, after the program Hardik moved away to Jhalawad in a chopper.



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