Group Labor contribution by offciers under ‘Jal Swawlamban Mission’.

The series of activities under the Chief Minister’s “Jal Swawlambhan Mission “is increasing these days in and around the city as on Thursday a session of group labor contribution has held at the Barra viilage of Udaipur in which many Administrative as well as police officials including District Collector Rohit Gupta, Inspector General of Police Udaipur range Anand Srivastav and S.P Rajendra Prasad Goyal has participated.  CMJSA Baaran Tank 4 Feb 2016 (9) - Copy

With a motive to perverse the water resources under CM’s “ Jal Swawlamban Mission” on Thursday the officials along with active participation of police force has conducted a drive to clean and preserve the Barra Talab ( a water body) that is situated between the mountains at Barra Gram Panchayat of the district.

Under the directions of the I.G Anand Srivastawa and District Collector Rohit Gupta around 125 police Jawans along with Female police officers and Administrative including Zila Parishad officer Avichal Chaturvedi ,Namrata Vrashni,  Deputy S.P Ranu Sharma, Narayan Singh, Development Officer Ajay Kumar Arya, Station House Officer Parsad police station Bharat Yogi, Abdul Rehman has contributed their efforts during the labor contribution session.

This is considerable that 2-3 decades back the Nakka wala Talab of the Barra village was considered as the main source of water for the area, but due to the gradual accumulation of sand gravels in the Talab the level of water has gone down and the villagers started facing the problems in getting ample amount of clean water. Seeing the situation of the Talab the police department has taken the initiative to clean the sand and mud from the water of the Talab and following that a joint team of police and Administrative officers has conducted a labor contribution session.





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