Gauravi a young swimmer of Udaipur receives a global award.

The youngest woman to cross the English Channel in 2019 Gauravi Singhvi has been honoured with Audery Scott award on Sunday during the international award ceremony held at London.

With this she has become the first Indian swimmer to receive such an award.
Shingvi was awarded by the Channel Swimming and Pilot Federation for crossing the English Channel  just in the age 16 years 5 months and 30 days in 2019.

She has created the history by crossing the channel in 13 hours 28 minutes on 25th August 2019.

During the International Award ceremony that was held at  Dover town of London 14 other swimmers were awarded in different categories on Sunday by the Channel Swimming and Pilot Federation an organization which certifiy the English Channel Swim.

The woman swimmer that crossed English Channel for 4 consistant years Sarah Thomas of America was remained present in the event.

Sarah was also honored with the title of the Most Meritorious Swimmer by Des Ranford award while more than 300 degnitaries of different countries  including Kevin Murphy and Nick Adams also remained present during the ceremony. 

This year Gauravi was the only Indian swimmer to receive this award,she accompanied by her mother Shubh Singhvi and father Abhishek Singhvi.

Earlier than crossing  English Channel Gauravi has created history by swimming of 17,37 and 47 kilometers in open waters, she is the only Indian to cover 47 kilometers in open waters.

On 21st March 2017 she created a new record by covering a distance of 17 kilometers in open water a period of 3 hours and 58 minutes with this she became the youngest swimmer to do so, besides that on 26th March she set another record of swimming upto a distance of 37 kilometers in a record time of 6 hours and 36 minutes and became the youngest swimmer to do so in open waters and on 6th February by swimming a distance of 47 kilometers in a record time of 9 hours and 22minutes she has become the youngest indian swimmer to do so in open waters.
Gauravi’s mother Shubh played an important rolecin her success, Gauravi was trained in Udaipur by her Coach Mahesh Paliwal who trained her for hours everyday at Khelgaon Sport Complex.

Gauravi said that her mother’s support has boosted with confidence and always motivated her for making achievements in her life.

Gauravi’s father Abhishek while talking to  Daily Udaipur from London said”We are proud of our daughter Gauravi she is an amazing swimmer and learner,she belives in leanering and giving 100% to it achieve her goal and that is the only reason that she have reached at this this today”.

Apart from Open Water Swimming Shinghvi has received more than 30 awards while perticipating in other swimming competitions and had got medals and trophies for that.



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