Furious villagers burnt leopard alive in Udaipur.

It seems that all the awareness programs and drive that are been carried out these days in south Rajasthan to educate the people about the Human – leopard conflict are all in vain as not even after a month of Kacchabali’ s incident where a young leopard has been strangulated by villagers another brutal incidence took place at Jhali Ka Guda village of Chasda Panchayat of Udaipur on Saturday when the villagers has burnt the animal to death.


The incidence occurred in wee hours on Saturday where the enraged villagers has surrounded the leopard tied him and took out a procession of him in the village and later burnt him alive. However when the officials of Kurabad Police Station and Forest Department arrived there the spot has been cleared and not even a nail of piece skin was found there.

Harini V the DFO of the area said” during the search of area nothing has been found by the officials of police as well as forest department except few kilograms of ashs, even we cannot say that weather a leopard is actually killed there, as it is a matter of investigation”.

Harini further claimed that an investigation has started and samples of the ash have been taken for analysis.

Dr. Rajni Kulshresta an Author and a Social worker by expressing concern on the increasing incidences of Human- Leopard conflicts said” the question arises is that why the big cats are entering into the villages, few days back a leopard has targeted humans and today a leopard has been targeted by humans, these sort of conflicts between the two is matter of concern as well as a clear example of brutality , it is a responsibility of the Forest Department that they should create a balance and a safe environment between the  them by using various technical aspects”.




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