Four including the key accused of murder at Mandwa arrested.

Udaipur police on Thursday arrested 4 out 5 people that are involved in an incidence of murder of a minor girl that got killed during firing that took place following  a love affair on Tuesday at Jhed village of Mandawa police station circle while the efforts for the arrest other accused is still on, said Station House Officer Karamveer Singh.

The arrested accused were identified as Mahesh and Mukesh Gammar, Maniya and his wife Bhikli residents of Bhuri Dhebar village, they were booked under the charge of murder and are still under police interrogation.

The atmosphere of the area got tensed soon after the incidence and annoyed over the incidence the villagers caused damages to the houses of the accused and also denied for conducting the postmortem of the  victim’s body. 

The incidence occurred on Tuesday night at around 8 pm when 5 accused Maniya Gammar, his son Mahesh Gammar, Amrit Gammar, Mukesh Gammar and Maniya’s wife Bhikli of Bhuri Dhebar village attacked one Jovan,his wife Khayli Devi his son Kunal his niece Kali following an alleged love affair of Kunal with their girl, said SHO Singh.

The accused that reached at the victim’s house were all armed,Bhikli amongs them first attacked Jowan’s wife Kayli with a sharpe edged knife,accused  attacjed Jowan with an iron rod on his face while Maniya opened fire from his country made pistol at Kunal but instead of hurting Kunal the bullet got pumped into Kali that was standing Kunal and she fell on the floor died on the spot while other got injured during the incidence and the accused fled the sven , said Singh.

The victims were rushed to the hospital but dead body was keptvon the scene for a while, Singh said.

The atmosphere of the village got tensed after the villagers got to known about the incidence, they went to the village of the accused and caused damages to their houses and other properties, they also staged a protest and demanded compensation (Mautana) for the victim family.

SHOs of six police stations  rushed to the scene withbtheir their teams viewing the seriousness of the situation, three out of 5 accused were arrested and booked under section 147,148,149, 302 of IPC and 3/25 of Arms Act and still under police interrogation.

Annoyance over the love affair is assumed to be the reason of the attack,however the investigation is still on,  SHO said.
The postmortem of the dead body has been conducted and the cremation was done on Thursday.

Besides that another case under sections 147, 148, 149, 452, 427 and 379 has been registered against those who caused damages to the properties of the accused, Additional Sp Head Quarter, Dysp Kotra circle, Dysp Jhadol, SHOs of police stations Kotra, Bekriya, Panarwa, Gogunda and Kurabad also remained present on the scene and reserve force of RPL is also bring deployed on the scene and the situation is under control, SHO Karamveer Singh added.



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