Forest Minster Inaugrates country’s first marble slurry ecological park.

The Forest and Mining minster of the state Rajkumar Rinwa on Wednesday evening inaugurated the country’s first marble slurry ecological park at Udaipur.


The unique park where the waste material of mining marbles are mixed with soil in a proportion for with a motive of growing plants.

The minister during his 2 days of stay at Udaipur has participated in plantation drive initiated by the Marble processing association. Rinwa also planted saplings at the Slurry park and has congratulated the members of the Marble Processing association for bring such an innovative idea into action, besides that Rinwa while talking to the members of the association asked them to plant more and more trees  in the city.

On the occasion the president of the Association , Sarat Kataria informed the media that the  ideas of developing such an ecological park at Chitrakut Nagar came in their mind after the locals residents of the area showed concern over the dumping of the hazardous marble waste and slurry nearby their house that is causing severe health problems to them, thus Kataria and other members of the association decided to plant some saplings in the dumping yard as an experiment and in such a  way their experiment turned into country’s first place where plants are growing in a mixture  of marble slurry and soil. After seeing the normal growth of the plants at the dumping yard the developers planted more plants there and right now it is having around 1000 plants in and around it.

The ecological park has not only given relief to the residents of the area but also set a new example in front of the other states of the country that how a waste can be used for a constructive purpose.



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