Five people dies, more than dozen got injured in 2 incidences of road mishap in Udaipur.

At least 5 people died and more than a dozen people got severely injured in 2 seprate incidences of  road accident which occurred in two different areas of Udaipur on Late Thursday night .

In the first incidence that occurred near Amberi bridge of Sukher police station circle a speeding private bus heading towards Udaipur from Jodhpur overturned after its driver lost control on it near a deep turn,2 people both residents of Udaipur died on the spot while more than a dozen people got severely injured and were later rushed to M.B hospital by the Sukher police.

The injured also includes women, kids and an army soldier.

In another incidence that took place minutes later than latter incidence at Tidi village a speeding car that was heading towards Jaipur from Ahmedabad had a head-on collision with a truck trailor, the impact of the of the mishap was such that all three occupants of the car died on the spot.

Station House Officer Vijendra Singh told that the front of the car collided with the trailor in such a way that the victims got stucked inside the car and were pulled out from it in a struggle of more than two hours.

However the M.B hospital was put on an alert and the injured were rushed there for treatment, whereas the dead bodies of the deceased were shifted to mortuary and their postmortem were conducted later on Friday.

The bus was later removed from the road with the help of a crane but the traffic in the area remained effected for a while.



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