First ASEAN-India art camp to be held at Udaipur.

This time it is the Art that will bring toghter tye spirit and the essence of 25th Anniversary of ASEAN-India Dailogue Relations,as Minister of External Affairs Government of Indian in collabration with Seher is organising a unquie artists camp at the city lakes Udaipur from 21st to 29th September.

The Association of South East Asian Nations is comprises of Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia,Philippins,Brunei,Thailand,Combordia,Myanmar Vietnam.

The perticipating artisits from 10 ASEAN countries are Chan Sophorn (Combordia),Iqro Akhmed Ibraham Laily Subhki from Indonasia,Kanha Sikounnavong,Mohammad Shahrul Hisham B.Ahmed Tarzimi from Malaysia,Thet Naing from Myanmar,Naphaphong Kurae from Thailand and Nguyen Nghia Phuong from Vietnam that eill camp with Indian artist Binoy Varghese,Farahad Hussain,Kalam Patua,Kiyomi,Laishram Meena Mahaveer Swami,Samindranath Majumdar and Tanmoy Samanta to create an amalgamation of splendid art work reflecting the deep routed cultural connection.Besides that the 10 days long Art camp which eill be held at Anata hotel of Udaipur  will also be a platform of exchange of cultural and artistic exchange.

A collection of 20 paintings created extempore at the camp,will be displayed in a special exhibiton wull be inaugrated at ASEAN Indian summit by Prime Minister in January 2018.

The camp be based on a theme ‘Ocean of Oppontunity’, that aptly reflects the close civilization and  cultural links that India amd South East Asia have enjoyed from over 1 millennia through maritime cooperation.

This is perhaps for the first that these artists from their respective countries,will be working on a platform and painting on one theme along with highly acclaimed artists from India.
At ASEAN India camp the artist with s back ground of in different styles of painting -contemporary,morden,traditional and impressionist will intract  and stay toghter to create a work that will reflect the cross-cultural interaction.With an objective of creating awareness ASEAN identity each artist will create peice of art during the stay at the camp.
Eminent painters from different genre will mentor the artists.Discussion will be held among the artists that will intensify the interaction and understanding of each other’s millieu and art practises.
The event will also have line of guest speakers who would have an interaction with the artists on various subjects.

Along with that the artists perticipating in the camp will get an oppurtunity to experience and interdisciplinary exchange with performing artist like Dr. Anwesa Mahanta who will conduct a lec-dem on Sattriya and interact with the visual artists.



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