First anroid App for the Wild Life conservation launched in Udaipur.

As Human-Leopard leopard Conflict is increasing in most parts of Rajasthan, Anil Rodgers of Udaipur an innovative wildlife conservationist came with an idea to develop an App for Wildlife Conservation as well as “Saving Leopards” now-a-days mobiles and smart phones had reached to most remote villages even but they are sometimes not being used in a right way, even people in emergency situations search for numbers of the forest department officials, also police and press but can’t find the right one, on the other hand they try to chase away the leopard by themselves.


Therefore there is a need of some revolutionary app which has all kind of information regarding wild animals their behavior and how to reduce human-leopard conflict as well as it also has important numbers of Forest Department, Police and Press so that in emergency situation Authorities could be intimated on right time.

Rodgers with Coloration with Semantic India had developed an App which is useful user friendly and easy to use regarding wildlife issues The App is in Hindi so the Everyone Can Use It Even People living in remote areas as well as Urban People as some time a wild animal hit down by a road accident people through this app can find the right number and inform the Authorities so that life of the animal can be saved.

Semantic India Owner Anuj Kumar Singh told that Android Version 1.0 of Save Leopard has been launched and Already its Apple Version is under construction.




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