Fire errupts at a drug manufactring unit at Udaipur.

A massive fire broke out on Wednesday at a plant operated by Western Drug Company- a business in Madri Industrial area that is city’s one of the biggest   a drug making company.

However no one got injured but the taw material and other article kept inside the compound turned into ashes.

Seeing the flames coming out of the building a lot of people including the labrourers and workers of the company gathered on the scene and launched a rescue operation.

The fire errupted at noon and took nearly 1.5 hours to put ignited at one of the manufacturing unit of the company where weilding wirk is going on.

It is believed that fire was caused mainly due short circuit.The firesent heavy flames and smoke from the top of the plant which can be seen from a long distance.

Though the actual cost of losses is yet not calculated but is initially estimated to be in lakhs of rupees.



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