Fake liqour manufacturing units busted,3 arrested in Udaipur.

In a joint raids conducted on Thursday night the excise department officials busted a fake liqour manufacturing units being conducted from the houses at Hiran Magri area of Udaipur and seized large quantity of material that were allegedly being used to make fake liqour.Three accused were arrested while one managed to escape, Assistant Excise Officer (AEO) Lokesh Joshi said.

The excise team conducted raids at two houses located at Sector.9 and Sector.14 of Hiran Magri and has recovered 45 ltrs spirit,996 nips and 6 bottles of IB,21 bottles of blenders Pride,6 bottles of MCD,blending jar,gwala caps,caps, colour,10 ltrs prepared liquor.14 litres of spirit, 10 liters of fake liqour being stored in the blending machine, 1145 quarters of liqour, wrapers,labels of different brands, caps and mono boxes and had 3 persons for operating the factories and supplying the fake liqour in market, while one managed to flee, said Joshi.

Joshi said that the accused arrested were identified as Dinesh Kothari, Bhupendra Salvi andcMangi Lal while the one who managed to escape was identified as Rajesh Joshi.

The accused were running factories of fake liqour frim their houses located at Hiran Magri area, the team received a tipoff about their activities and kept them under surveillance from few  and following raided both the settlements on Thursday night.

The arrested accused will be produced infront of the court and will be taken on police custody remand as we are trying to get name of the key accused who was behind the nexus, the investigation is still on and the hunt for the absconding accused is also going on, Joshi added.

As per Joshi Patrolling  officers Nathu Singh,Sumer Singh,Circle Inspector Jitendra Sodha and ASI Banshi Lal also played important role in the entire operation.



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